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April 19, 2013
Mystical Max

Few people know more about the kite-surfing industry than Mr. Mystic - Max Blom. Max has been supporting the sport with technical innovations for over 10 years and has traveled the worlds’ end to spread them around. Between the negotiations with Chinese manufacturers and Tropical-Island-photo shoots Max is out there doing what gives him his smile.. Ride the kite.

He has seen the world, ridden the shores and is now ready to go big. These are his words:

One of the first Mystic riders is Ruben Lenten. Through Ruben I met Filippo. He had an interesting dream. To ride the biggest downwinder ever done by a kite together with a group of inspiring people. I was stoked from the moment I heard about the project. Beside Mystic one of my other dreams is to do something very challenging with my biggest passion, kite surfing.

To cross the Atlantic Ocean by kite is what every kite surfer dreams of and especially me! Therefore I told Filippo I wanted to join him on this epic challenge. The idea was born by true passion and that is what the challenge is for me.

I feel very privileged to join the team and thank Filippo and the team for the opportunity. We will work our ass off to make it to the other end of the ocean. It will be hard at times but I am 100% sure we will overcome those moments. The great thing about this challenge is not only the adventure on the ocean but also the hard way to achieve it together with a group of people who share one common thing: passion!

“ If you want to go quick go alone, if you want to go far go together’’



Love it! Let’s go Max

April 4, 2013
Norwegian magic

What better way to train for an Atlantic Crossing than in the snowy white planes of Norway?! So. That is what Camilla Ringvold does - every week.

It was some time ago that we got in touch and it was clear right away that this lady has the right vibe…

“I love to kite, I love the ocean, I love to explore, I love being a little crazy – crossing the Atlantic with a kite is a dream waiting to come true – but also a massive task. Enormous forces will be thrown at us from mother nature, hauling winds, massive waves, wild animals and grueling depths…but my biggest worry are trash and containers floating around out there that we might hit in the dark when we can’t see that well.

This is our adventure – our dream, enabled by our common passion for kiting. We are going to rock the Atlantic ocean!!”

Camilla - welcome on board :)

March 1, 2013
A new year - a new design

The new year has started well. If you are going to kite surf across the Ocean - you better do it in style. Now, with the logo and style developed by Revolving we will do just that: Travel in STYLE

Here is the new ENABLE PASSION logo! What do you think?

November 29, 2012
Departure date in 2013

Crossing the Atlantic is not something to be taken lightly! To prepare well we decided to take an extra year time.. and depart end 2013!

The ideal conditions for the crossing are in November/December. This gives us the opportunity to set up a campaign and involve sponsors. Stay tuned!

July 20, 2012

Sharks be aware! As soon as we got these babies integrated in our board you should know better than to come near…

High-5 for technology :)

July 6, 2012
Chilling with a legend

Two days ago I was spending time with Kitesurf legend Ruben Lenten. I asked Ruben why he wanted to join the trip. This was his reply:

A Dutch girl who I met in South Africa told me a little bit about a project a friend of hers wanted to do. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean by kite. Immediately I thought ‘wow’ this could be really interesting. She put me in touch with Filippo, the dude behind this idea. Shortly after our phone conversation we got together and started talking about the project and life in general. Already from the first moment we got in touch I had a good feeling. I find Filippo a very interesting person and when he told me his reason to do this project I was convinced that this is his path.

Kiteboarding across the Atlantic Ocean in a team of six, I needed more information and wanted to get to know Filippo more.

As the wind was not happening we decided to meet at a cable park to go wakeboarding, have some food & drinks and chat away. During this conversation it got all clear to me that this is not just a crazy idea and that we have a lot in common. I admire people that trust their feelings, believe in themselves and follow their passion. When you start doing that, a whole new world opens and if you manage to really listen to yourself you will experience things feel effortless and come on your path automatically. Those are signs that you are on the right path. Filippo came on my path with the Atlantic Ocean Crossing and I am sure we make a great team for an epic adventure lead by our passion. Cannot wait to get this project wet.

Ride Hard!


Welcome on the team, Ruben.

July 3, 2012
Linking Brand Values

Sportlife - a subsidiary of Leaf - is a chewing gum company based in the South of the Netherlands. They are nationally oriented and targeting youngsters between 15 and 35. Candies lie around in the lobby, waiting for you to arrive - there is good energy in this place.

Sportlife aspires to be associated with the freshness of the natural elements. Water, Ice, Snow and Wind. The good news is: there is plenty of wind and water where we are going…

This could be a match!

June 28, 2012
The winds are with us

Just got back from a chat with the guys from Meteo Consult to check how conditions will be during the time of the crossing. Apparently in December the storms will have moved well away from our route, hurricanes are nowhere to be seen and winds will average 5-6 Beaufort… News that puts a smile on the face of every surfer :))

Wave conditions will be moderate with a maximum height of 5 meters.

Can’t. Wait.

June 15, 2012


Inspiring people are all over the world - like my friend Julian Watson in Melbourne. He surfs. He makes documentaries. He inspires.

Check out his website - Surfing & Sharks

June 10, 2012
A friend sent me an article

-> it inspired me to launch a blog